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Accounting Series 0510

In addition to an accounting degree, if the applicant has a business degree, these positions require 24 hours in accounting. Accountants advise on or administer, supervise, and perform accounting work that requires application of accounting theories, concepts, principles, and standards to the financial activities of governmental, quasi-governmental, or private sector organizations. There are two different types of accountants under this series type: Operating Accountant and Systems Accountant. An Operating Accountant is responsible for interpreting accounting standards, policies, and requirements. They examine, analyze and interpret accounting data, records and reports advising or assisting management on accounting matters. An Operating Accountant should be able to recognize, measure and match revenue and expense data by applying methodologies, such as accrual accounting and depreciation. Cost accounting methodologies such as standard, process, job-order, and activity based costing are used to identify and measure financial cost data. In addition to the above, Systems Accountants are also responsible for designing, developing, operating, and inspecting the accounting systems. SAP software experience is valuable in this job series.

Contracting Series 1102

These positions support managerial, technical and administrative personnel with purchasing or completing contracts to purchase (referred to as “acquisition” in government terminology) services (generally technical labor) and/or products (“things”) to enable an organization to complete its mission. Positions may also be responsible for administration and/or close out of a contract (monitoring financial and technical status of contract and what is being purchased by the government). Position may also perform analysis on contractor’s proposals to include labor rates, overhead rates, etc. Entry level positions generally include a formal training program to learn rules, regulation, and laws that are required to be followed in the government.

Program/Management Analyst

  • Series 340 positions (note: In general, if a series ends in a “0”, it is usually a more generic/general series than the same preceding numbers ending in a figure – such as 341/3 described after this. These will usually not be positions targeted to entry level positions) usually manage a program/project (or multiple), applying managerial and executive knowledge of the organizations processes and guidance to the project/programs objective. They usually require a broad background to integrate/direct/manage. In addition, the position may be: responsible for fielding a specific program, assigned to a high level within the organization to integrate and provide recommendations to the organizations highest management, or managing a broad functional area impacting a large organization not requiring a specific expertise.
  • Series 341 positions generally provide advice and recommendations to management, with emphasis on analysis of business and organizational processes and procedures to increase the effectiveness of the organization and/or identification of resources required to complete the organizational mission. These positions often act as a “staff consultant” to support management on analysis that may span various technical/support areas.
  • Series 0343 positions generally serve as analysts and advisors to organizations management and are responsible for evaluation of the effectiveness of specific programs and operations or the productivity and efficiency of the organization. May also perform analysis on policies and/or potential impacts of new/adjusted policies and procedures on the organization and associated organizational effectiveness. Generally provide written conclusions/recommendations with oral presentations to management/project leads/teams.