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Human Resources 0201

Human resources (HR) specialists provide a variety of human resources management (HRM)/Personnel services and support to organizations. Managers and employees will generally rely on Human Resource personnel for:

  1. Guidance on organizational structures and associated job series/levels appropriate to accomplish the mission.
  2. Assistance and providing information to personnel on health benefits, laws/rules/regulations for jobs, ratings, etc.
  3. Assist managers and employees with grievances, employer-employee relationships, alternative-dispute processes, etc.

Equal Employment Opportunity 0260

EEO POCs/Specialists are responsible for developing and implementing programs designed to solve specialized employment problems of a diverse workforce, including: women, minorities, veterans, the disabled, persons over age forty, and others as they relate to Federal employment. Examples include:

  1. Assisting management with identifying potential/actual EEO shortfalls and processes/programs to support EEO.
  2. Assistance on processes for EEO grievances and/or use of alternative dispute processes to address EEO complaints.

Program/Management Analyst 0340/0341/0343

  1. Series 340 positions (note: In general, if a series ends in a “0”, it is usually a more generic/general series than the same preceding numbers ending in a figure – such as 341/3 described after this. These will usually not be positions targeted to entry level positions) usually manage a program/project (or multiple), applying managerial and executive knowledge of the organizations processes and guidance to the project/programs objective. They usually require a broad background to integrate/direct/manage. In addition, the position may be: responsible for fielding a specific program, assigned to a high level within the organization to integrate and provide recommendations to the organizations highest management, or managing a broad functional area impacting a large organization not requiring a specific expertise.
  2. Series 341 positions generally provide advice and recommendations to management, with emphasis on analysis of business and organizational processes and procedures to increase the effectiveness of the organization and/or identification of resources required to complete the organizational mission. These positions often act as a “staff consultant” to support management on analysis that may span various technical/support areas.
  3. Series 0343 positions generally serve as analysts and advisors to organizations management and are responsible for evaluation of the effectiveness of specific programs and operations or the productivity and efficiency of the organization. May also perform analysis on policies and/or potential impacts of new/adjusted policies and procedures on the organization and associated organizational effectiveness. Generally provide written conclusions/recommendations with oral presentations to management/project leads/teams.

Logistics Management Specialist 0346

Group update: These positions are generally journeyman level (demonstrated experience – through intern program or work experience in logistics fields) and are generally not entry level positions. They are responsible for processes of “getting the right things, to the right places, at the right time”. The field of activity encompasses functional planning, deployment operations, maintenance operations, procurement, coordination, and control of the movement of personnel, personal property, and materiel on commercial and military transport via rail, air, land, and sea. Depending upon the mission or program being supported, these activities may include such specializations as supply, maintenance, procurement, transportation, inventory management, quality assurance, facilities and property management, production control, and property disposal. Some logistics work also involves such activities as housing management, food services, and management of test equipment. Logistics management work also typically involves such other specialized activities as resource and fiscal management, training, automated data processing, and manpower management.

Budget Analyst 0560

Positions generally perform analysis or support development of financial requirements for the organization. This may include analysis of current year budget (referred to as execution year in government terminology), building next years budget, or future years (Generally looking forward five years out and referred to as the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) in government terminology) within guiding laws/regulation/guidance. In addition, may perform analysis on what was planned vs actually spent (referred to as executed in government terminology) associated with the finances of an organization, or how a requirement may be funded.

Inventory Management Specialist 2010

These positions are generally journeyman level (demonstrated experience – through intern program or work experience in logistics fields) and are generally not entry level positions. They are responsible for analytical work in managing, regulating, coordinating, or otherwise exercising control over supplies, equipment, or other material. The work includes one or more phases of material management including initial planning, provisioning and requirements determination, acquisition and distribution, accountability, and ultimate issue for consumption, retention, or disposal. The work requires knowledge of acquisition processes, automated records and control systems, material substitution criteria, and storage, issue, and disposal processes.

Technical Writer/Editor 1083

These positions are generally journeyman level (hired through DA logistics management intern program or require demonstrated experience). They are responsible for directly writing or editing technical materials, such as reports of research findings; scientific or technical articles, news releases, and periodicals; regulations in technical areas; technical manuals, specifications, brochures, and pamphlets; or speeches or scripts on scientific or technical subjects. They will assist and/or work with various subject matter experts (engineers, personnel experts, financial personnel, software programmers, logisticians, etc.) to document/provide written products based on the intended audience of the product.

Safety & Occupational Health 0018

These positions are generally staff positions supporting the organization in developing, implementing and/or performing analysis/reports on all aspects of maintaining a safe environment to work. Includes: analysis on human movement/factors to eliminate hazardous processes/conditions, review of processes to identify potential hazards and recommend options to eliminate them, development of and processes to implement safety policy and standards, tracking/reporting on safety incidents and potential analysis to reduce/eliminate causes, applying standards and codes to improve a safe work environment, etc.

Logistics Data Specialist 0301

In general, this series may encompass a broad range of functions specific to that position. Logistics Data specialists generally analyze, organize, process data to be used for identifying, selecting, provisioning coding, determining initial requirements, and cataloging of items to be procured or supported through the provisioning process. These data will be used for breakout screening to enhance competitive acquisition of support items and must be adequate for that purpose.

General Supply Specialist 2001

General Supply Specialist positions generally are responsible to know when to buy, how much to buy, where to distribute, how best to support complex logistics operations, and how to forecast and plan for future operations. They use state-of-the-art computers linked with supercomputers and global communication networks to manage Army inventory and logistics support operations.

Equipment Specialist 1670

These positions supervise, lead, or perform administrative work that involves collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and developing specialized information about equipment. The work also involves providing advisory services to those who design, test, produce, procure, supply, operate, repair, or dispose of equipment. Work may also involve developing or revising equipment maintenance programs. The work requires applying an intensive and practical knowledge of the characteristics, properties, and uses of equipment. Knowledge is of the type gained from technical training, education, and experience in functions such as repairing, overhauling, maintaining, constructing, or inspecting equipment.

General Facilities & Equipment 1601

These 1601 positions are generally responsible for maintaining the facilities (buildings/labs/etc) required by an organization to complete their mission. Duties may include managing: maintenance of buildings and associated infrastructure (HVAC, water, sewer, cleaning, etc), equipment required to perform mission (within and/or external to buildings), etc.